Rose: Quick Mini Pizzas

In June, I followed the Fit Girls Guide eating plan. The plan was mostly a refresher for me — I’ve been eating clean for years — but I did really enjoy the recipes they included. This plan is designed for women who are on-the-go and don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. A lot of the recipes involve simple ingredients and are quite easy to make.

Throughout my month of following the Fit Girls Guide, the mini pizzas were my favorite. They require only about 5-10 minutes of prep time followed by 5-10 minutes in the oven.

The “crust” is a whole wheat pita or whole wheat tortilla topped with your choice sauce (hopefully homemade), veggies, protein and cheese. My pizzas usually clock in around 500 calories each, are super filling and also 21-Day Fix approved (if you follow that plan).

I’ve been experimenting with different pies, especially on busy nights. Should I have more time, I’d like to try making my own crust. This would healthify the recipe even further and cut down on added sodium from the store-bought pitas.

I would highly recommend these little pizzas — or even the Fit Girls Guide — to anyone with a busy schedule. You can stay healthy and full with very minimal effort.

Do you make pizzas at home? What’s your secret?


Rose: Restarting

The summer has gotten away from me. It always has a way of doing that. Work is busier than I expected, there are more travel plans. Before I know it, July is over. It’s hard to believe that August will be upon us in just one short week.

Throughout my healthy living journey, I’ve always found summers to be the most difficult. I travel the most during these months, and my eating is not always consistent. Eating healthy was not at the forefront of my mind during our recent trip. While I started everyday with Shakeology, I didn’t eat as well as I could have.


I could beat myself up over this, and in the past I would. But I’ve moved beyond that way of thinking. It’s not healthy for me. While I don’t like having “cheat meals” or “falling off the wagon,” I know it has a way of happening. I tire of that lifestyle after a few days and snap myself right back into clean eating anyway.

So I am “restarting” in a way. I’d like to really hone in on my nutrition over the next 6 months before the wedding. While I already feel confident and beautiful in my dress, I want to shine on my wedding day. I want to be the proof of hard work! I want to have nice arm muscles, too 🙂

I know nutrition is the key to this. That’s why I’m starting the 21-Day Fix again and completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. This way of eating works for me. I like the visualization of the container system, and I know I’m getting in all of my macronutrients this way. It’s easy — as long as you plan. And the workouts are a killer, too.

I wanted to write a short post about this restart to remind you that this is natural. Sometimes we lack consistency. But the key is getting back into the routine. A restart. A fresh outlook. Sometimes a vacation will give you the motivation you need. I’m thankful to get back on track!

Rose: CIZE is HERE!

I just got back from attending the Team Beachbody Summit in Nashville. Phew! What a weekend. I’ll do a full recap later, but I wanted to write about the latest program released by Beachbody: CIZE!


After seeing the choreography in person at Summit, I’m pretty pumped up about this new program. Created by fitness celebrity Shaun T., this program looks like Hip Hop Abs — but with a total makeover. The moves and music are up-to-date, and you’ll actually have fun while doing this workout.

Here are some things you may be wondering:

Who is this workout for?

Anyone who wants to dance. Anyone who hates workouts that involve a ton of push-ups, burpees or bootcamp-like moves. Anyone who wants to dance in their living room. Anyone who loves Shaun T.

How long is the program?

It’s four weeks — totally doable. But you can do this again and again. The workouts are between 30 and 45 minutes each.

Is CIZE available on Beachbody On Demand?

Not yet.

What is the price?

The base kit is $60.

The Challenge Pack (Shakeology + CIZE) is $140.

The Kickstart package (CIZE + Shakeology + 3-Day Refresh) is $180.

How can I stay accountable to the program?

I’ll be running an online accountability group through Facebook beginning Aug. 10. It will include a maximum of 20 people. In these groups, I’ll support you on your journey, and you’ll post daily to hold yourself accountable. Don’t have Facebook? No problem. I can coach you through text, email or phone calls — whatever you need to stay on track.

What if I have more questions?

Leave ’em in the comments. I’ll hit you back.

Here’s a preview of CIZE in case you’re interested!

Rose: July 4 in Boston

M and I went to his brother’s house for the 4th of July. They live in a cute suburb outside of Boston, and I always relish the time I spend there. It’s been great getting to know M’s family (and my future family!), and just generally relaxing in another place. What I love most about visiting is how hospitable M’s family is — they feed us well, and their house is super cozy. I always leave feeling full and happy.

I’ve visited a handful of times, enough to have my own routine when I visit. Because the food is so delicious (M’s brother is a professional chef), I make sure to always start the day with a workout. In the winter, I’ll sneak down to the basement right after waking up. But this time, I took my Shaun T. out to the patio. Gotta make it work. I’m proud to say I worked out every day I was in Boston.


And it’s a good thing because the food was delicious, and the treats were plentiful. Check out my July 4 inspired angel food cake, topped with our handpicked blueberries and a raspberry drizzle. If this doesn’t shout “America!” I don’t know what does.


It was super hot on July 3, so we made sure to spend some time in the pool. I forgot my bathing suit, but a quick trip to Sears solved that. Here we are with M’s nephew photobombing the picture. It’s okay. He’s only 14. 🙂


Of course, we also had to stage some patriotic-style photos — just to get in the mood.


Andddddd I forced M to take a duckface selfie with me. I have no regrets; this is awesome:

photo 1

We ended the weekend with a bang — literally. We drove to a neighboring town and caught a nice firework show. It was low-key and nice, and I barely jumped at the pops (though a little at first). You can’t have a July 4 without fireworks (ammiright?), so this was the perfect ending to a nice, relaxing weekend.

photo 2

How was your holiday weekend?