Rose: July 4 in Boston

M and I went to his brother’s house for the 4th of July. They live in a cute suburb outside of Boston, and I always relish the time I spend there. It’s been great getting to know M’s family (and my future family!), and just generally relaxing in another place. What I love most about visiting is how hospitable M’s family is — they feed us well, and their house is super cozy. I always leave feeling full and happy.

I’ve visited a handful of times, enough to have my own routine when I visit. Because the food is so delicious (M’s brother is a professional chef), I make sure to always start the day with a workout. In the winter, I’ll sneak down to the basement right after waking up. But this time, I took my Shaun T. out to the patio. Gotta make it work. I’m proud to say I worked out every day I was in Boston.


And it’s a good thing because the food was delicious, and the treats were plentiful. Check out my July 4 inspired angel food cake, topped with our handpicked blueberries and a raspberry drizzle. If this doesn’t shout “America!” I don’t know what does.


It was super hot on July 3, so we made sure to spend some time in the pool. I forgot my bathing suit, but a quick trip to Sears solved that. Here we are with M’s nephew photobombing the picture. It’s okay. He’s only 14. 🙂


Of course, we also had to stage some patriotic-style photos — just to get in the mood.


Andddddd I forced M to take a duckface selfie with me. I have no regrets; this is awesome:

photo 1

We ended the weekend with a bang — literally. We drove to a neighboring town and caught a nice firework show. It was low-key and nice, and I barely jumped at the pops (though a little at first). You can’t have a July 4 without fireworks (ammiright?), so this was the perfect ending to a nice, relaxing weekend.

photo 2

How was your holiday weekend?


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