Rose: Non-Traditional Wedding Flowers

Our wedding is now 166 days away. That’s only five-and-a-half months until the big day. For the most part, the planning process has been enjoyable. There’ve been a few bumps and twists, but that’s to be expected. And while the details used to scare me, I’m now starting to embrace them.

It helps when you work with pleasant vendors. One thing I’ve learned from wedding planning is that timing is everything. When someone responds to me quickly and with enthusiasm, I am far more likely to make a purchase from them. This is what happened with The Paper Girl on Etsy.

We decided early on that we didn’t want traditional, live flowers at our wedding. They cost a fortune and only to die in the end. A little internet searching let me to Lindy’s shop. At this point, I decided I wanted to pursue paper flowers to go with our literary-themed wedding.

From the start, Lindy has been a joy to work with. She responds to my messages with genuine interest and has worked tirelessly to produce the best possible flowers for our wedding. Just this week, she sent me a few samples in the mail. She’s dipped the ends in color, which will beautifully tie everything together.


I can’t wait to see all of the flowers at once. I’ve ordered all bouquets, boutonnieres, corsage and table flowers from Lindy. That’s a lot of flowers, and it will certainly keep her busy over the coming months! I’m overjoyed that she’s taking part in our special day and thank her immensely!


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