Rose: The Bridal Shower

It has been so long since we’ve posted. Needless to say, life has been busy for both me and Jenna. But I’d remiss if I didn’t post about one of the happiest days of my life: my bridal shower. Together, my maid of honor, bridesmaids, mother and stepmother pulled off one of the most incredible bridal showers. Every detail was so “me” and the day was captured perfectly with photography.

It had long been a hope of mine to get married on my grandparents’ farm. I knew long ago that wouldn’t be a reality for a number of reasons: space issues, timing. But I made the request that the shower be on the farm, if at all possible. Despite a cold and rainy September day, the girls made it happen. Even from the day’s sunrise, the day was beautiful.


The number of details included in the shower made it just perfect. I’d told Marissa, “Moo”, my maid of honor, that all I wanted was mimosas. I went to a bridal shower like that years ago, and it always stuck in my mind. So they delivered, with a beautiful mimosa bar:


And they stuck with the breakfast theme. For snacks, they set up a cute bagel bar with muffins, pastries and fruit.


One of my favorite aspects of the shower were the date sticks. Guests were asked to write a “date idea” on one of the sticks and drop it into this old jar. The jar actually belonged to my grandmother and was gifted to us after the shower. The dates are hilarious — they sure got creative. And again, I loved the small details. The book on the table was a classic at my grandparent’s house; we always looked at those World Books!


The cupcake stand was out of this world. With a little bit of effort, they made these look super cute and unique.

And check out the cute card holder!


The favors were also super cute. They made these neat little sugar scrubs. I especially liked this detail because I ALWAYS make these at Christmas for friends and family. They knew it would be perfect for the shower.

Even more important than the details were the family and friends that gathered for my big day. I had family and friends who traveled far distances for the occasion, and it meant so much to me that they were there. My dad and Morgan also worked hard — taking care of the farm, parking cars. And I know everyone worked hard to make the place look spic and span for the shower.

This is a day I’ll never forget. So many memories … It makes me so excited for the wedding in January!



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