Rose: What I’m Embracing in March

My word for the year is Embrace. I chose this word because I wanted to be open to adventure. I wanted to embrace what is instead of wishing for what could be. I want to be present in my every day and love the life I’ve created.


Each month, I’m going to choose to EMBRACE certain activities in my life. Some will be deliberate while others will just be what feels right in the moment. Regardless, I hope to document what comes my way on this space.

This month, I’ve found myself embracing a few lovely things:

Hot yoga on Thursday nights.


For me, yoga is like church. It’s a time when I set myself straight. I meditate on what is and would could be. I pray for my family and friends. I send good vibes out into the universe. I connect with myself, completely and purely. It is one hour of me vs. me physically. And through that challenge, I find a unique peace of mind only yoga can bring.

Professional development a la books.


This book is incredible. I’ve only just begun but I’m learning so much about what is habitual in my life. Why do I do things in certain ways? Am I powerless to change them? No. It just takes a lot of mental work to change. But it’s possible.

Outdoor adventures with my husband.

Earlier this month, we made a Bucket List. We wrote down all of the places we wanted to go in NJ and the surrounding regions. Now, when we have a free day or weekend, we know how to spend our time. We reference the list and pick a spot. I love this method because so often we’ve regretted not making the most of our weekends. This ensures that we do.

Beer tastings.

Guilty pleasures. We love testing out new beer. In the past two weekends, we’ve visited Kane Brewing Company, Dark City Brewing Company, Little Dog Brewing Co., and, most recently, Magnify Brewing Co. Decidedly, we much prefer sampling beers AFTER a long hike. It’s perfectly refreshing after a day in the sun.

Weight lifting.


I’ve already written quite a bit on this subject. Enough said. I really enjoy weight lifting, especially in the mornings. It brings me a nice sense of peace, and I feel so much stronger.

What are you embracing this month?


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