What I’m Embracing in April

This month has been a rough one. So much so that I’ve barely touched this blog.

I hate getting in ruts like these, but it’s part of life and completely natural – especially when you’re in the midst of transition. So now, I am embracing my old routines again.


In late March, we bought a house. Every weekend this month has been spent moving. Weekends have been filled with packing and short trips to the place, with the final push happening this past weekend.

Owning a home is surreal, overwhelming and wonderful at once. Finally, we have our own place, but, of course, it comes with responsibility and change. The responsibility part is not hard for us. We have good jobs, and we’re not over spenders. The hard part is not knowing what to do first and just creating a new life.

It seems dramatic to say that moving 10 miles away can feel this way. We still live in the same state, easily commute to work and have nice neighbors. And yet, it is a transition. It is something new. It ranges from little things like where do we put the record player to bigger things like dealing with new neighbors and how to bring a yard back to life.

This is all the more reason that I must embrace my routines again. And so, at the end of this month, I am embracing the old.

  • Exercise and healthy eating. For me, the first thing to fall to the wayside is always my health. This seems ironic for a person so engaged in a healthy lifestyle. But it’s easy to not eat right and fail to move. Right now I am looking to spark that back up. It’s simple really. Just involves a commitment.
  • Being patient. This house will not unpack itself. But we don’t need to stress about where everything should go right now. We want to take this in baby steps, do it the right way. If we do that, we’ll live in a home we love.
  • Not quitting. There are many things I’ve wanted to quit this month. I am running 10 miles in just a few days and feel totally unprepared for that. But I signed up to do it, and I’m not going to turn back now. Even if I have to walk, I am crossing that finish line.

This list is short, but it really resonates with me right now. In order to feel happy and at peace in life, I need to do these small things. May will be a new month, filled with other things I’d like to embrace. So for now, in the last remaining days of April, I plan to simply get back to basics and enjoy my life as much as I can.