Rose: What I’m Embracing in July

Oh, summer. It goes by in a flash. There is always this string of weddings, parties, reunions. I’m not complaining; I enjoy these events and times to see family and friends. But it does make these summer months go by quickly.

This is all the more reason to find reasons to slow down, and that’s what I’m embracing in July. I’m trying to stay present – both at work and at home – and really focus on my goals. I don’t want to rush through projects or tasks. I want to savor them and figure out more of what I’m trying to do this in world.


These thoughts dictate my list for the month of July. I’m embracing:

  • My love for health & well-being. Right now, I can’t get my hands on enough nutrition information. Podcasts, new websites, new challenge groups. You name it. I feel this fire again. July will be a month to make decisions and propel some things in motion. I’m excited about it.
  •  Natural home remedies. I’ve spent enough money on expensive products. I’m trying to go back to the basics. Right now I’m embarking upon a coconut oil face wash and apple cider vinegar hair rinses. I’ll be sure to post my reflections on both. So far, I already feel better, removing the chemicals from my body.
  • Reading before bed. It’s a goal I always have and never achieve. At the very least, I’m reading nutrition blogs before bed, and that’s better at calming me down than a television program.
  • Slowing down. At work, at home and on the weekends. Not everything has to be done right now. The only person rushing me is me.

What are you embracing this month?


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