Episode #3: Grocery Delivery, Meal Boxes, Meal Prep & Healthy Bars

Episode 3 in here and ready to go! On this episode, we discuss “on-the-go” healthy bars and snacks, meal boxes/grocery delivery and meal planning.

Thanks for listening! Below are the show notes.

  • Quick and Easy Bar options:

    • Jenna likes Larabars & RX Bars. Her favorite RX Bar flavor is Chocolate Sea Salt. There are variety packs on Amazon. Ensure you check the ingredients – ensure they are packed with sugar and you can pronounce the ingredients. 
    • Rose suggested the same as well as making your own!
    • Consider other alternatives: dried fruit, beef jerky (read ingredients), sweet potato chips (other veggie chips), packs of almond butter, whole fruit, collagen peptides (18 grams of protein in a serving, can mix in water on the go) from Vital Proteins, almonds or basic nuts, hardboiled eggs

  • Meal boxes and/or delivery: 

  • Meal planning:

    • We plan to do a full episode on this with more detail but be sure to ask yourself: is it a priority to you? 
    • If so, start setting aside time weekly or daily to make it happen.
    • Rose’s favorite recipe websites: Gimme Some Oven, Skinnytaste, Damn Delicious

#2: Standing Desks and Booze-Free Stress Relief

We’re so excited to have our second episode of the podcast ready to go – and with much better audio!

In this episode, we discuss how and why we got standing desks at work, self care when you don’t have a lot of time, and booze-free stress relief ideas.

You can listed to the episode here or find us on iTunes. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review!


3 Day Refresh

Standing Desk Information

Blue-light blocking sunglasses

Self-Care with Limited Time
2 to 5 minute meditation (Calm app available in the app store)
Yoga for back pain
Ergonomic resources 

Booze-Free Stress Relief
Drinking does actually relieve stress, but only when consumed in limited amount and for certain people. In most cases, it will make stress worse. It destresses you by reducing the body’s physiological stress response, but pretty much only when you get drunk. So, that will not work in the long term! The other factor: Alcohol also takes a long time to metabolize, so while you may be feeling the effects right away, your body will still be processing that wine throughout the night – disrupting your sleep patterns.

Some replacements:

  • Try Kombucha (fermented tea) or mocktails
  • Limit your intake
  • Treat yourself to a mani/pedi instead
  • Treat yourself to a date night (bath, reading, etc.)
  • Natural Calm



The Nine to Five Balance Podcast

Jenna and I are super excited to announce the launch of our new podcast series: The Nine to Five Balance Podcast!

Like our blog, we’ll use this podcast to share how we create balance in healthy ways as busy working professionals. Each episode will appear on this website, iTunesSoundCloud and PodOmatic.

In our first episode, we explain why we’re starting this podcast, share our personal stories and offer some tips on self-prioritization, self-care and self-love. Listen below!

We’ll also answer reader questions! Submit those in the comments below or via email (ninetofivebalance AT gmail DOT com).

Note: We are still working through some technical difficulties. Episode #2 should have a higher audio quality. Thank you for your patience!

Show notes:

Jenna’s favorite yoga studio: Mama’s Wellness Joint
Rose’s favorite yoga studio: Rise Hot Yoga
Jenna’s favorite meditation app: Calm (available for free in the app store)
Positive affirmations. Louise Hay is a great resource. I’d recommend her book “You Can Heal Your Life.”

The information in this podcast is intended to be informational only, and is based on our experiences. It should not be used in place of medical advice. We want to share how we stay healthy and balanced with others. We won’t tell you how to eat or judge you for how you live. We simply want to share what we’ve learned and hope you’ll join in the conversation.