Episode #3: Grocery Delivery, Meal Boxes, Meal Prep & Healthy Bars

Episode 3 in here and ready to go! On this episode, we discuss “on-the-go” healthy bars and snacks, meal boxes/grocery delivery and meal planning.

Thanks for listening! Below are the show notes.

  • Quick and Easy Bar options:

    • Jenna likes Larabars & RX Bars. Her favorite RX Bar flavor is Chocolate Sea Salt. There are variety packs on Amazon. Ensure you check the ingredients – ensure they are packed with sugar and you can pronounce the ingredients. 
    • Rose suggested the same as well as making your own!
    • Consider other alternatives: dried fruit, beef jerky (read ingredients), sweet potato chips (other veggie chips), packs of almond butter, whole fruit, collagen peptides (18 grams of protein in a serving, can mix in water on the go) from Vital Proteins, almonds or basic nuts, hardboiled eggs

  • Meal boxes and/or delivery: 

  • Meal planning:

    • We plan to do a full episode on this with more detail but be sure to ask yourself: is it a priority to you? 
    • If so, start setting aside time weekly or daily to make it happen.
    • Rose’s favorite recipe websites: Gimme Some Oven, Skinnytaste, Damn Delicious

One thought on “Episode #3: Grocery Delivery, Meal Boxes, Meal Prep & Healthy Bars

  1. My husband is a huge jerkey fan. I always found it rather repulsive but after listening to the podcast, can you recommend a good jerky ?

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