Episode #7: The Comparison Trap, “Perfect” Lives & Unsupportive Friends

In this episode, we discuss how on and offline friends can effect our mindset and out look in very different ways. Online, social media can sometimes lead to the “comparison trap” and how to get your mind right with it. Offline, “real-life” friends can often times be unsupportive when it comes to making the best choices for you. In this episode, we discuss how to cope with all scenarios.



The Comparison Trap:

  • Unfollow accounts that trigger thoughts of self doubt or self shaming
  • FOLLOW accounts that bring balance to posts or are uplifting and feature all different kinds of body types. Some of our Instagram favorites are:
  • @darrennatoni (the account Jenna reads from during the podcast)

Overall, remember that you’re getting the highlight reel on social media. EVERYONE struggles in different ways, but we aren’t always comfortable putting that out there.

Unsupportive Friends:

  • Talk to your friends. Explain your goals. Good ones will support you 🙂
  • Set yourself up for success. Plan activities that don’t revolve around food or alcohol.
  • Remember: everything is a choice. What you eat, drink, choose to do, etc.

Have some tips for others? Who are your favorite Instagram accounts? Drop us a comment below! And PLEASE leave us a review on iTunes 🙂


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