Episode #10: Comfort Foods, Indoor Workouts and Healthy Holiday Tips

The temperatures are dropping. Daylight is shifting. Holiday music is starting to play … winter is upon us!

In this episode, we tackle listener questions all about sticking to your wellness goals over the holidays. LISTEN HERE.

Comfort Food Discussion: 
Switch things up: Jenna’s favorite Chili Recipe
Balance your plate with veggies and protein to stay full
Try tea or another warm “treat” that isn’t packed with fat & carbs
It’s all about the mind set – stay focused

Indoor Workout Suggestions: 
Beachbody On Demand (email Rose)
Walk-at-home DVDs
Gentle Yoga DVDs

Healthy Holiday Tips:
Epic Jerky … have healthy go to snacks on hand
Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to go crazy – have your treats, but not ever day and watch the portions
Make workouts part of your routine

Be sure to LISTEN HERE for more tips and details on how to make this a holiday season great.