#12: Social Media Detoxing & the Ph.D. Balance with Alison Cox

In this episode, Rose interviews Alison Cox, curator of @phdbalance, an Instagram feed about staying happy + healthy while pursuing higher education.


15802880_218570648600994_3030820101365432320_aAlison is a full-time graduate student at Michigan State University, where she studies criminal justice. Outside of the ivory tower, she is a fitness instructor and volunteers at the local Garden House in her community. She loves to read, cook, listen to music and go on road trips.

In this episode, Rose and Alison discuss social media detoxing (and why you may want to do it in the first place!), becoming more self-aware and spiritual as well as how to stay on point when life seems overwhelming.

We apologize for any technical issues you may encounter as you listen to this episode. Please be patient! We are limited on our recording devices. 


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