#13: Budgeting for Food, Fitness & Life

In this episode, we discuss how to budget for food, fitness and life. Unsurprisingly, it comes down to a lot of diligence and list-making, but it is doable! And in the end, you’ll feel much better about how much you’re spending and saving.


Show Notes:

Food Budgeting

  • Stock up on produce.
  • Shop the outer edge of the grocery store.
  • Avoid buying food that comes in boxes or packaging (usually more expensive/not healthy).
  • Set up a food budget and stick with it.

Making an Overall Budget

  • Make use of Google Docs to track your spending. Here’s a Budget Template.
  • Use an application/website like Mint to track spending, or Digit to save money.
  • Be realistic about how you spend and what you buy.

Fitness Budgeting

  • Try out free classes at every nearby gym.
  • Spend money on the fitness programs or classes you love.
  • You could try a service like Beachbody On Demand (streaming of workouts for $40/quarterly).
  • Or go outside and exercise for free!

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