#15: All About Nutrition with Kate Markovitz

This episode features one of our favorite people: Kate Markovitz.

A holistic nutritionist, Kate is on a mission to help women feel comfortable and confident in their skin through real food and gratitude.

Being two of her clients, we can attest that she knows what she’s talking about! Kate has helped each of us reach our health and wellness goals.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Two to three things you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve overall health;
  • Kate’s typical day of eats;
  • The right balance of carbs, protein, and fat;
  • The best way to determine foods that cause irritation;
  • How to embark upon using programs like Whole 30 and the 21 Day Sugar Detox;
  • How pregnancy changes nutrition; and
  • Natural beauty products.



Waking up in her mid-20s, feeling stuck in a miserable, unhealthy relationship with food and her career, Kate ditched her high school math teaching job and disordered eating past for Paleo, holistic living, and a positive self-love mindset.

Now, Kate runs her own nutrition practice as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach. Additionally, she is the Content Coordinator for Team Diane/Balanced Bites and co-hosts the popular health & wellness podcast, “The Ladies Dish. “


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