#17: Fashion for the Professional

Being professional, working ladies can be hard, especially when you don’t know what to wear! Not all outfits translate between work and personal life, and it’s not always easy to stay atop of trends financially. So what’s a working gal (or gent) supposed to do?

In this episode, we turn to Lauren Bernard, a style blogger who writes the popular blog Wellesley & King, to teach us the ropes of fashion for the workplace. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram, you must do so immediately! Life-changing.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • The 3-5 essential pieces of clothing every man and woman should have
  • How to build a professional and personal wardrobe without breaking the bank
  • Whether you should have a budget for clothing (the answer is: yes!)
  • Whether online retailers like StitchFix are worth the money
  • Whether you should shop online or in person
  • What trends are heading our way for spring and summer

Lauren Bernard is a logistics analyst by day, and a style blogger by night. Her blog, Wellesley & King, focuses on providing attainable outfit inspiration to real women with real budgets. Every outfit featured on Wellesey & King has been styled for a real-life event–either for the office, date night, or casual weekend activities–and often features classic pieces that transcend time and trends. Along with outfit inspiration, Lauren also provides a library of tools, resources and tips to guide those in need of some extra help along their own style journeys.


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