Rose: The 3 Day Refresh

I’ve now completed the 3 Day Refresh three times, and I have yet to post about it on the blog. Consider this an official review!

The 3 Day Refresh is similar to a cleanse but involves real food. It uses specially formulated shakes, snacks and simple meals designed to break bad-eating cycles and improve the way you feel. You eat around 1,000 calories per day which includes vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. It’s broken down into roughly 6 “meals” so you feel satiated throughout the day.

I first did the Refresh last summer, when it debuted. I’ve used it both after Thanksgiving and Christmas as a way to reset. Each time I’ve done this, it’s gotten progressively easier. That’s not to say it isn’t difficult. It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done related to eating. But it’s also been most worth it.


For those who care about numbers: The first time I did the cleanse, I lost 5 pounds. The second time I lost 3. I’ll weigh in tomorrow for my official results. Keep in mind — much of this is bloat and water weight. But that’s actually what I want to eliminate. Most of the holiday food I consumed was salty and not part of my normal diet. So my body was really thrown off kilter. I basically did the Refresh to get rid of these toxins and feel rejuvenated again.

Here’s what the three days looked like for me this time:

Day 1: This was my hardest day. I had a light headache most of the day, and I felt very hungry. I could tell my body was detoxing. Lots of little trips to the bathroom (tons of water). However, each time I had a shake or the Fiber Sweep, I felt energized and renewed again. It gives you the nutrients you need. When I got home, I did my workout. Never felt faint. I slept like a baby that night.

Day 2: I woke up feeling chipper, better than I’d felt in a week or more. I was super productive at work. I was hungry throughout the day, but it was a dull kind of hunger. I got my workout in after work, surprisingly. Lots of trips to the bathroom again (lots of water). I went to bed early and slept incredibly well.

Day 3: Lots of temptations today. We had a work lunch, and I didn’t know what to do. I got a plain salad, no dressing and used lemon and 1 tsp. olive oil. Also had a bit of butternut squash soup. Got home and felt pretty tired/weird in the stomach. Relaxed most of the evening. Had my veggies + shake for dinner. Really just wanted some of M’s pasta or chips with salsa. Resisted. Said no. Drank 48 ounces of water. And that brings us to now.


I love doing this Refresh as a tune-up for my body. I can always tell that I need it. But before going into it, you have to know: it’s not for everyone. If you are a person who easily gives up, this won’t be for you. It’s a mental battle. You need willpower. You need to remember why you’re doing it.

I had a goal this time around: to not complain. I stuck to that. Why would I complain about a cleanse I CHOSE to do? That’s not right. I decided to suck it up, put in the work and get the results I wanted. More than anything, I just wanted to feel renewed again. And that’s exactly how I feel.

I have to say, this time around, it really wasn’t about the weight loss for me. I never peeked at the scale early. I’m even considering not weighing myself at all tomorrow. For me, this was a mental war. This was me vs. me. This was a chance to see what I’m made of.

One thing I’m excited about is the days that follow. In the past, I’ve continued to lose weight and keep off my loss, especially if I stick with clean eating. The way I look at food also changed. I became incredibly grateful for the food I have. Think of the people who don’t. This is how they feel daily! Also, I just generally consume less after I complete the Refresh. I fill up very quickly, and my body reacts to fried or heavy foods (in not-so-great ways) so it forces me to stay away. It’s like my body resets, and now it knows what it needs to properly be fueled. That way I stick to my guns.

I will likely do this cleanse again. I might hold off for a couple of months, but I like the mental test plus the results. I’ll keep you posted on how I feel going forward. And if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!