Rose: Fashion Forward

Fashionable, I am not. Ask anyone. I have trouble matching colors. I get very stressed when trying to decorate a room. And I’m only just now figuring out what looks good with my figure. On top of that, I haven’t had money for clothes for the past three years. But now I’m trying to branch out a little.

I keep raving about Zulily, but this site is amazing. While it markets itself as a “Deals for Moms, Babies, and Kids,” you don’t need to be any of those things to shop here. I am not a mom, nor am I kid. And I still find good stuff. So far, I’ve bought a few sports bras for myself along with some dresses. I’ve also purchased tutus for my nieces and beautiful winter gowns. I can’t wait until they arrive!

One of my recent purchases included these two dresses, bought from the same company:


I really took a chance when buying these. I wasn’t sure if I’d dig on the cowl neckline, but I do. It gives this ordinary dress such a flair. Because it’s so short, I pair it with yoga pants underneath. Tights would be too sheer. The yoga pants make me feel covered, along with a nice pair of boots.

As for the dress on the right, this one was interesting. It is a little snug on me; I have bigger hips than what will fit a medium dress. And there are pockets, which I’m constantly adjusting so that I don’t look weird. But I make it work somehow. And pairing it with this sweater seemed to make the dress pop even more. I was actually trying to imitate my boss’s style with this one – she has some lovely dresses with bold patterns on front.

Both of these dresses cost me $20 each. A steal, really, when you think about how much items cost in the store. But the one Zulily downfall is that items take FOREVER to ship. These didn’t arrive until a good 4-5 weeks later. So buy stuff early!

More to come on the Fashion Forward series. I plan on transforming my wardrobe piece by piece in the coming months.