Rose: Insanity Max 30

Yesterday I officially started a new workout program: Insanity Max 30. This is like a condensed version of the Insanity program but harder and, in my opinion, more cardio-based. I’m now two days into the process, and I thought it might be fun to share my thoughts so far. Hopefully I can read this after 60 days and look at how far I’ve come.

Day 1: Cardio Challenge.


I feel like this photo sorta sums up how I felt. EXHAUSTED. While I don’t look sweaty in this photograph, I can assure you that it was pouring down. This workout is probably one of the hardest I’ve ever done, next to Kam’s classes in Pittsburgh. It seems to tap my heart rate the most. At many times throughout, I just wondered if I’d ever catch my breath again. My heart was beating FAST.

As you can see, I “maxed-out” early (this is the point when you have to stop and take a break or modify). The five-minute intro itself is dizzying. That said, I liked the balance of cardio moves throughout. They feel effective, especially for my legs. By doing this program I’ve realized how much my legs are out of shape. I don’t run very much, and the workouts I did over the summer were more geared toward my arms. So this program is definitely putting the emphasis back on my thighs and calves. All in all, I’m glad I finished!

Day 2: Tabata Power.


I did a little better today in terms of my max-out time. But this workout is a different animal altogether. It is much more focused on strength and using your own body as weights. Think: tons of push-ups (unlike any you’ve seen before), tricep dips and core work. What I love about this DVD is the new moves. I have done thousands of push-ups but none like these. Shaun has you go down, lift back up and bring your arm up to your shoulder (like a row). It is HARD. I can only do a few and then I have to modify.

This workout seems to affect my back the most. My muscles must need improvement in that area. Last week, I was sore for days after doing this workout. I sense the same thing will happen tomorrow. Either way, I know I’m working parts of my body that have long been ignored.

Overall Thoughts

I am going to stick with this. I love the shorter length. It’s manageable, and I can fit it into my day. I truly feel like I am pushing myself to my potential — which I love. This program is not for the faint of heart. Good thing I am a determined son of a gun!

Wish me luck, friends.


Rose: Starting Over

Clean eating changed my life. I know. That’s overdramatic. And ridiculous. But it’s true. I am a different person and have been since June 2013 when I started taking this more seriously.

Eating clean is the only nutrition plan that doesn’t make me feel bad about myself. I eat certain foods many times throughout the day. I don’t feel starved or deprived. If I do feel truly hungry, I fuel myself with something from the earth. It’s so simple and basic, and I think that’s what I love most about it. Sure, you fall off the wagon from time to time. But there is always a Monday around the corner to get it back on track. And yesterday was just that.

I really wanted to try and eat 100% clean all day. To keep me motivated, I decided to take pictures throughout the day. (Btw, I don’t know how I ever had a food blog. It was incredibly difficult trying to remember to take pictures all day!) I couldn’t help but notice some trends: lots of greens and lots of orange. Most plates were pretty balanced in terms of portions. Honestly, it was a killer day, and I’m too proud not to share:

photo (3)

When something works, all you want to do is share it. So that’s what I’m doing here. I am truly feeling the effects of this nutrition plan: more energy, a maintained weight, better skin. I can’t believe how long I ate diet foods, complained about stomach aches, and wondered why I couldn’t seem to keep weight off. Now, it just seems like a no-brainer.

When I started adding in regimented fitness programs, things also started to take off for me. T25 has been my go-to for six months now. I consistently feel stronger each time I complete a workout. I’m now at the point where 25 minutes a day isn’t enough. Yesterday, I added in a set of 15 push-ups along with a quick 15-minute HIIT. It made me feel alive and energized.

photo (2)

I realize fitness and health isn’t everyone’s thing, and that’s okay. You don’t need to be a health fanatic to feel good from just eating well and moving often. Some days, I can’t believe how simple this combination really is. I feel that too often, we get distracted, losing sight of how to live properly. I love days like this when I remember that all over again.