Rose: T25 Update

This week I’ve transitioned from the Alpha Cycle of FOCUS T25 into the Beta Cycle. It’s my sixth week of this program and, honestly, it doesn’t even feel that long. I still love it. The program is so short it doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing it so long.


All in all, this has been my favorite Beach Body program yet. I can take it with me anywhere. I did workouts on my parents’ porch while home for my grandmother’s funeral. I complete workouts in my office at the end of the day to avoid busy commutes. And I can easily squeeze it in during a Saturday or Sunday morning before a busy day. Not to sound like an infomercial – but it’s worked more for me than any other exercise (including running).

In truth, I’m not seeing such drastic results as I did with Insanity – but I’m still losing pounds and inches. To date, I’ve dropped 3 pounds since I started the program and several inches off my thighs, waist, and chest. Even more important, my arms are truly toned for the first time in my life. I’m not embarrassed to wear a tank top – something I’ve avoided for the past two years. I just feel more healthy and confident in my own skin.

So far it seems that Beta is faster than Alpha. There aren’t any breaks in either program, but I feel like all the movements are done more efficiently and quickly. I especially like this because the 25 minutes seems to blaze by. Though I will admit I’m taking more breaks than I’d like.

My goal for the next 5 weeks? Finish the program. Take less breaks. And continue to feel good in my own skin. I have no doubt that this program will see me through!

How are you doing with your workout program/s?



Focus T25: Week 1 Review

Week one of Focus T25 is officially in the bag. And I’m feeling pretty good about this program.


I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on Facebook and blogs in which people are comparing this program to Shaun T.’s Insanity. Well, Shaun T says you shouldn’t. Even though these programs have the same creator and similar moves, they have different objectives. In Shaun T’s words:

Insanity: is for people who want a challenge. People who say, “I want to die.” It’s for fit people who need something to push them beyond their fitness level.

Focused T25: is a focused 25 minutes of exercise when you “don’t have time.” It’s for people who want to get that fitness in every day without stress.

And, after doing each program, I can attest to these definitions. And though I’m not sure which is my favorite, I’m certainly digging a lot that T25 has to offer thus far.

Week 1 Review | Alpha Cycle

I ended this week feeling sorer than expected. Admittedly, I’d been comparing T25 to Insanity and thinking, “It’s not nearly as hard.” So imagine my surprise when my legs were aching by Saturday. That said, there was a lot to love about T25 and soon I stopped comparing it to my beloved Insanity.

What I liked about Week 1:

  • I never felt overwhelmed. It didn’t stress me out. I knew I could get in those 25 minutes every day.
  • I could do it on busy days or on-the-go. I completed two of the workouts at 6 a.m. before a busy day. I completed three of the workouts while traveling.
  • I could add workouts on top of T25. I pushed play on Wednesday morning and, later that night, I played a softball game. Without wanting to die.

What I didn’t like about Week 1:

  • When you buy the program, you receive a calendar to record whether you “nailed” the workout or “barely made it.” I hate having to choose between these two extremes. There should really be a middle option, though I’m able to compromise here.  For now, I’m using “nailed it” as me completing the workout perfectly. And, of course, I haven’t really done that yet. So I always have something to strive toward.
  • Foot pain. Lots of folks in my challenge group are complaining about it. But this workout comes with some serious foot burn related to all the ballistic movements. Mine isn’t too bad, but once in a while it forces me to stop – and that’s annoying. I guess that means it’s working?

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with Week 1 of the program. I can tell it’s something I’ll stick with because it’s convenient and fits well into my life. It’s even helping me become a bit of a morning exerciser… and that’s a feat in and of itself.

I recorded my stats on Saturday and will be sharing those results midway through the program and toward the end. Stay tuned!


Focus T25 Challenge

Today I’m embarking upon Shaun T’s latest workout series: Focus T25.


In March of this year, I wrapped up 60 days of Insanity. I saw incredible results (though I never took measurements but I do have pics to prove it), and I felt like I’d taken control of my health again.

After that, I trained for and completed a half marathon in May. I don’t like to run in the summer and winter months, so I hit the gym again – attending a variety of Body Pump and Hip Hop classes (taught by my “koach” – owner of Kam Jamz Fitness). Under Kam’s direction, I participated in a 30-day Eat Clean Challenge during the month of June. And now I’m ready for another.

For the next 60 days, I’ll be embarking upon my Focus T25 journey. The “rules” are simple: complete the workout, eat clean, and take measurements. I recorded a series of “Before” photos yesterday in which I can tell my body has “lost” some of the tone from earlier this year. I’m hoping to recapture that toning, shed a few inches and/or pounds, and finally get in the fittest shape of my life.

I am in no way compensated for what I say about Beach Body. But the programs they produce just work. They can be done at home and in private – something I love. And more importantly, they can connect you with other avid fitness fans through the support of a “coach” like Kam. Here’s to the next 60 days! Hopefully I’ll be proud enough to post results in a month or so. 🙂