zucchini bread savior

I had a case of the blues yesterday. We arrived at work yesterday and heard a major announcement. The life-changing kind. I walked around in a haze much of yesterday and had trouble focusing. I just couldn’t believe it.

That said, we went out after work to debrief. I never do that. I was planning on working out but instead I choose a pint of Yuengling (it does happen). It could have been worse. I suppose I could have drowned my anxiety in a plate of nachos and fries, too. Instead, I went home and ate a healthy meal of chicken chili. Then, I wanted to bake.


It was nearly 10 p.m. when I decided to get busy in the kitchen. The day had just stunk from beginning to to end. It had me on edge, worrying about the future and all of life’s uncertainties. I suppose that’s why I turned to the one thing I know.

Growing up, I’d always bake alongside my grandmother. Back then I was more interested in playing outside than cooking, so I’ll admit I didn’t always pay full attention. I wish I had. I wish I knew measurements like she did. I wish I knew the tricks of the trade instead of just guessing. But I’m getting a knack for this stuff in my late 20s. And this great batch of zucchini bread–the zucchini from my garden, I might add–was more than enough to cheer up some spirits today at the office.

At least I helped build a little morale, right?