Rose: Book Club

After a yearlong book-buying hiatus, I’ve started purchasing books again. At one point, I’d bought so many books and hadn’t read any of them so I banned myself from buying more. After reorganizing my library the other night, I realized that I’ve actually read most of the books I own. So, I decided to join a book club at the Yoga Studio in town – Gratitude Yoga – to both make friends and start diving back into books again.

Last week, we discussed “Happiness” by Matthieu Ricard. This book was unique in that it took an ordinary concept like happiness and reviewed it through both a scientific and spiritual lens. It was dense, but not overwhelming, and I rethought my definition of happiness once it was over.

For the next book club meeting, we’re reading “Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change,” by Pema Chodron. While I’ve never read a book by Pema, my best friend has, and she raves about them. I follow Pema on Facebook, and her posts are consistently uplifting and poignant. Plus, this book is slim and manageable. I have no doubt I can finish it by March 4.

photo (23)

As for the two other books in this photo, they tap into my other interests: food and fiction. M bought me “The Hypothetical Girl” by Elizabeth Cohen for Christmas, and I only have a few pages left. Each Christmas he’s bought me a collection of short stories. This book focuses on relationships born through the internet, and each story is told from a different perspective. Of course, any book based on love would appeal to a sappy heart like mine.

We wanted a Farm” by M.G. Kains is a rather old book. I found it in a store in Doylestown, Pa. I read a few of the passages and was intrigued by this couple’s quest to create a farm outside New York City. This book was first published in 1941. I’m looking forward to going back in time a little.

I’m not sure which book I’m going to tackle first, but I’m excited to have such a span of literature on the coffee table. What are you reading?