Rose: Make-Up Party!

I gave myself a big ole’ present last week. I went online to Sephora’s website, and I ordered a bunch of my old favorites, plus a few new surprises. It’s been months since I updated my make-up stash, and I’ve been subsisting on really cheap make-up from CVS. The thing about cheap make-up: it makes your skin worse. I don’t have good skin. It’s oily and finicky, and I should be careful with it. So that cheap make-up was just kind of stupid.

Life changed when I got a Clarisonic a few months back. My skin has never felt more revived! But I ran out of the cleanser long ago and haven’t had funds or time to replace it. So, I tossed that in the Sephora cart. That began the shopping spree. Along with it came a brightening kit from Laura Mercier (this is my favorite brand), Perricone No Concealer Concealer (for my under eyes), BareMinerals powder (an essential of mine), along with a ton of free perfume, makeup and face wash samples. Unbeknownst to me, those points I’ve been racking up at Sephora over the years actually do count for something!


I should probably add in now that I was in no way compensated to review any of these items. In fact, this isn’t really a review as much as a post of excitement. And I only wish I HAD been compensated for all these goodies. Cause they are life changing.

So far, I’ve been most impressed with the concealer for under eyes. The older I get, the worse my wrinkles and bags are becoming (thank you, genetics). This, along with the Laura Mercier brightening kit, have really helped to liven up my eye areas. The powder from Bare Minerals is just an essential, too, and I’ve been having fun trying out the different samples. The Dior perfume is especially nice, and I like pore-minimizing primer a lot.

What kinds of products do you use? What are your favorites?