Rose & Jenna: 21-Day Fix, Week 2

We just finished 14 days of the 21-Day Fix. So far, this week has been the hardest for both of us. The energy from beginning a program is starting to wear off a bit, and we’re having trouble fitting the program into our current exercise regime and social lives. That said, stringent meal plans aren’t meant to be easy – and we understand that. So, we’re doing the best we can without going crazy in the process.

Q: Let’s get the results out of the way first. How many pounds did you lose during week two? How many is that in total?

Rose: I stayed the same. I am hovering at a four-pound loss total.  But that does seem to fluctuate daily.

Jenna: I lost another pound during week 2, so that makes about 2 total.

Q: Did you strictly follow the plan and exercise routine this week? Why or why not?

Rose: No. There was a day where I threw in an extra carb because I’d burned 500 calories running. I’ve started training for a half marathon, and my calorie burns are going to be higher. This means more fuel. I’ll need to figure out a balance – whether it’s bumping up a calorie range, or supplementing with an extra container during days of intense cardio. Like Jenna, I find that this plan doesn’t accommodate for my rigorous workout schedule. And I don’t want to sacrifice that, either. Also, I’ve been continuing to consume small amount of half n’ half with my coffee, a yellow container of almond milk with my shakes and PB2. The weekend was extremely hard to stay on track with two dinners out, but I managed to make decent choices overall.

Jenna: No. To be honest, because my personal fitness goals have me exercising a lot more than the program lays out. Common sense would tell you that means I require more fuel than the specified amount. Through the week, I’m able to include almond milk in my shake (don’t count it as a yellow) and usually add in one more yellow (and sometimes a red) for the day if my body needs it. On the weekends when time allows for more intense workouts, I up it even more and certainly have off plan meals. I have a ten mile race coming up that I am not ready for, so I’ve been having to build in a lot more cardio and cross training. However, the 21 days before my 30th birthday trip to Vegas, I can assure you I will be following this plan to get rid of a few extra pounds/the bloat and be ready to look my best.

Important note: We have challengers that have been following it to a T and losing anywhere from 2-4 pounds weekly. Jenna’s 55-year old mom is doing the program and following it really strictly and she has lost 6 pounds so far.

21_day_fix_diet_plan 2

Q: What was the hardest part of this past week?

Rose: By far, it’s the weekend. I work so extremely hard during the week. My days are packed at work, and I work out every evening. I eat within the program’s guidelines. I go to bed early each night. So, by the time it comes to Friday I just want to let loose. I want to drink some vino and go out to dinner with friends. The good news is that I start my weekend days off right: I drink my shake, down some tea, and get a sweat on. On Sunday morning, M and I went running/biking. I ran 6 miles and crushed 700 calories. That made me feel a little better about my indulgences Saturday evening.

Jenna: I feel like a broken record, but the weekend. After following this strict diet and exercise regimen all week (and without a bikini wearing or special event in sight) I’ve been falling off plan. However, I try to remember that even now when I beat myself up about my weekend choices, its SO much better than it was before I hopped on this crazy healthy living train.

Q: What most surprised you about either the plan or yourself?

Rose: I packed a boatload of snacks into my purse on Thursday night. We had to go to NYC for work. Surprisingly, I didn’t need them. I didn’t really feel hungry. My body is surviving on less. (Still, it was better to be prepared just in case.) Also, I am getting stomach aches when I do eat out. It’s almost making it not worth it. At this point, my body is almost rejecting foods that aren’t clean. This is a nice reminder on days where I really feel like indulging too much. Food as fuel!

Jenna: I really stuck to it this week. Sunday through Friday lunch I didn’t eat out once, and stayed on plan. I also got a workout in every single day. I was surprised at that. However, as stated above I did fall off plan this weekend. I did rock some pretty serious calorie burns Saturday and Sunday though, so it was bound to happen.