Rose: Weekend Reflection

Monday mornings. They are always a time of regrouping for me. I get into work early and start thinking about the days ahead. I also like to reflect, at least for a little while, on days past.

Weekends are hard for me when it comes to healthy living. This is especially true during summers. Picnics and barbecues pile up. Wine is readily available at every turn. And all of those things – food, wine, being social – appeal to my need for relaxation.

But I’m learning there’s a way to both splurge and save throughout the weekend. I can still indulge in my favorites while not sacrificing my weight-loss efforts. Again, it’s about that moderation. It helps to indulge only in things that are really worth it – and move my body as much as possible.

As Jenna noted, we had a family reunion back home. This entailed some overnight camping for some, and, for me, a drive back home with a fully stocked cooler. There were both healthy and not-so-healthy options available, but I kept it in check. The day was fun – though fast – and we engaged in lots of sports and games. Cornhole is a definite favorite of mine, going way back:

photo (3)

Sunday was a day of hard work for me and -M. We both had papers to read and articles to write, and we hit up two coffee shops in town, followed by a stop at a local wine mixer. But before that, we went on an hour-long walk by the river. It was so wonderful and peaceful. I really needed to disconnect from the technology and hit up some nature.

photo (2)

Then, it was wine time. We went to our favorite place, and I drank two much-needed glasses of wine after such a busy weekend.

photo (4)

All in all, it was a solidly good weekend. I got to see people I love (including our very own Jenna!) and reconnect with nature.

Though, I must admit my heart is feeling heavy right now. My grandmother is extremely unwell, and it has me thinking about the shortness of life. I’m hoping to get through this week okay, as I’m not entirely sure what it holds. With any luck, I can power through with fortitude and grace.