Rose: Clarisonic Review

In my fitness life, I am all about putting your best face forward. Being confident in your skin goes a long way. And so, about three weeks ago, I decided to take that statement more literally. After eyeing up Clarisonics for months and reading a slew of reviews, I decided to purchase the Deep Pore Cleansing Kit and take care of my often-blemished skin.


I’ve always suffered with oily and irritated skin as well as some seriously clogged pores. I chock this up to wearing bad makeup and exercising a lot. I’ve been really hard on my face. Over the past couple of years, I started using Bare Minerals makeup. This has been a lot better for my skin than the liquid junk I used to put on my face in high school and college. Still, the results of such bad treatment have left scars, uneven skin, and blemishes.

I got to a point recently where the Bare Minerals make-up wasn’t covering my redness very well. I’m not sure if the formula changed, or if it was my face. Enter: the Clarisonic. This bugger, ticketed at around $150, had been on my wish list for quite some time. My brother’s girlfriend has raved about it. A lot of the reviews call it, “An electric toothbrush for your face.” And I was curious. I thought: maybe this will bring my skin back to a more stable place.

For the past three weeks, I have been using the Deep Pore Cleanser on my face every morning and night. I use the Detoxifying Mask about once a week, on average. Sometimes twice if I remember. Below see my review about how this has been working for me.


My Experience

No Dryness. Unlike other users of this product, I haven’t experienced dryness from using this twice a day. A lot of reviewers noted they could only use this a couple times a week or once a day. I think it’s all based on your skin type. I have mixed skin: parts are oily while parts are dry. Instead of dryness, I’ve actually experienced slightly oiler skin, which I cover with new make-up.

Breakouts. I know. This is the opposite of what you want, but this happens in the first couple of weeks. Imagine all the gunk and grime that is hiding under the surface. Now you’re using a product that is lifting this from your skin. So you’re bound to get a few breakouts, but, for me, they weren’t that serious. Just a few bumps here and there.

Glowing, smooth skin. I’m now on Week 3 of using the product, and the breakouts have diminished. My skin is now much smoother to the touch and even seems to “glow.” It’s much more radiant than before.

Reduced pore size. Unfortunately, I still have clogged pores :/ But they aren’t nearly as bad as they were when I started using this product. They are noticeably smaller and even seem to be disappearing in some areas. Though I wish they were all gone.

About a month or two from now I’ll write another review. But these are my experiences thus far. I’m not at a stage in my life where I’m ready to post pictures of my bare face on the internet, so, if you want to see my skin, just shoot me an email.