Rose: Slowwwwww down

A week ago, Jenna touched upon the concept of rest – how much it’s needed and what it means. I read her post, agreed, and continued to pound myself into the ground.

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I took things too hard this week. I tried taking on too many stories at work, and my brain got fried. I worked out every day, and played a double-header softball game on Wednesday. My family came to town. We said goodbye to a coworker. There were dinners and outings and lots of chatter.

On top of that, it was the week my brain had to decide to pull out the ole question it does every few years: Am I living the life I want? Am I doing all I want to do? I spent evenings talking with -M (my boyfriend) about what I wanted from this life, what I needed to do to achieve more of those goals, and how I can stay happy with my present.

It was exhausting.

And here it is, finally the weekend. My Saturday is fairly busy but with things I’ll enjoy. A longer Hip Hop class. A family barbecue. And time with -M, since he’s in town. I’m hoping for a peaceful Sunday. I’m hoping for time to just relax and be still with my heart and my head.

Because you have to make that time for yourself to know where you’re going. To ease your little heart and those wild thoughts. To remember that today is okay, and tomorrow will be, too. That all the hard work is worth it. That life will move on with you smoothly. Perhaps a rock is thrown here or there, but you’ll move past that.

This is what makes the Nine to Five Balance so hard. That burning need to fit everything in. The idea that you’re never quite making it somehow. True balance comes into play during this time. How will you fit in what you want – and be good to yourself?

That’s what I’m focusing on this weekend. Being good to me.


the stress effect

Sounds like Rose and I both had rough days yesterday. Mine was more on a personal note. Had to make a decision and have a conversation that was really hard. Didn’t sleep much or well, which led to total exhaustion this morning.

Avoiding that dark place can be really hard. Especially when life isn’t turning out the way you think it should, or when you brain keeps using the word “suppose to” or “could”. This stress isn’t healthy, mentally or physically. When I am stressed with personal stuff, I get a knot in my stomach and it’s hard to eat. When it’s work, I tend to say “you are stressed and can have a break–eat whatever is quick and easy”.

I’ve been trying to manage my stress
better for both my body and mind. Tonight I managed through it with a long bike ride to the river and park after a healthy dinner. Focusing on quotes like this also helped.

I can see this topic popping up a lot, as stress is something we all must balance. I’d love to hear what you think.

Remembering this also helps 😉

how do you manage through stress?