my urban garden

The garden is in full bloom and giving me a good reason to stay healthy. I’ve helped with gardens in years past, but this is the first year I’ve embarked upon it on my own. I’ll admit–it’s been tougher than expected, keeping up with the weeding and watering. But it’s been producing great greens, and the best part–other than them being convenient–is that they’re free.


Although a garden can feel like just one more thing, it’s a nice way to eat fresh foods. It connects you with Mother Earth and provides sustenance right in your own backyard. And eating something you grew with your own hands is a satisfying feeling. You know exactly where the food came from, and you simply feel better about putting it into your body.

Right now, my romaine lettuce and green beans are the only veggies ready to eat. There’s a zucchini being birthed as we speak, and I’m hopeful that the cucumbers are right around the corner. The tomatoes are standing tall, and the carrots are all aligned. Sadly, there is only one beet to speak of, and my swiss chard didn’t make it. But all in all, it’s been a successful year of gardening. And more importantly, it’s helping me strike a healthy balance as the summer moves along swiftly.

Do you have a garden? How do you maintain it?